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Pembroke College MCR, Oxford

President's Greeting

Welcome to this web-site. It’s a depository for all things to do with Pembroke College Middle Common Room, which is where all the most intelligent, handsome, and brilliant post-graduate students come to hang out. It’s like a big party with all your friends and lots of tea. The walls are made out of gingerbread and the cushions are giant marshmallows (this may not actually be true).

“What is Pembroke MCR?” you may ask. Actually, that’s not a question you hear very often. Mostly people ask “Where is Pembroke MCR?” and you have to patiently tell them that we’re the attractive college next to Christ Church. “Oh right,” they say. “But isn’t that in Cambridge?”

The MCR on a walk in beautiful English countryside with the Master.
The MCR on a walk in beautiful English countryside with the Master.

Really, though, Pembroke MCR isn’t so much a place; it’s more like a state of mind, and that state of mind is: “come in! Get involved! It’s great to have you around!” More accurately, it is an actual place that is found above the JCR in Old Quad, in our beautiful 17th century OXFORD college.

Hopefully the MCR is a friendly and warm environment where post-graduate students can come to relax, to discuss weighty academic subjects (do elephants have nipples?) and feel that they are amongst friends. We do lots of things every term, including regular countryside walks, trips to theatres and local sites of interest, talks from fascinating speakers; as well as having more casual 'eat lots of food until you feel sick (and then actually are sick)' events.

If you are around college, come in. Everyone is welcome. The door is always open! (Though technically it is locked and you will need a security key card to get in).

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to , and be sure to 'like' our Facebook page if you haven't already done so, which is regularly updated with all kinds of extra bits and bobs.

Thanks I love you bye!

President of the MCR
Yours sincerely,

Robert O'Shea
MCR President