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The MCR is dedicated to fostering a greener & greener community. Bellow is a selection of initiatives organised by our environmental rep. If you have ideas for more or would like to get involved - get in touch​!

Bee-Friendly Plants in College
We're excited to share that we're teaming up with the incredible Gardener, Richard Markham, to boost biodiversity on our college grounds. Currently, we're expanding the range of plants on a permanent rotation, specifically chosen to support wild bees in pollinating throughout all seasons.

Herb Garden
Our collaboration with Richard Markham is transforming the herb garden at Pembroke. Expect an enhanced garden with more plants, a diverse selection, and clear labelling to make it easily accessible for students and staff.

End of Year Waste
In our ongoing commitment to waste reduction, we're partnering with the Operations office to amp up storage options for returners during the summer break. Additionally, we're opening up an opportunity for departing students to donate items they won't be taking with them. This initiative will contribute to organizing a swap shop at the start of the academic year for both new and returning students.

Completed Projects for the Year 2023-2024
This year has seen some significant achievements! We successfully campaigned for a better recycling system within the college and advocated for switching to recycled paper in our printers.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments as we continue working towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly college environment!


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