Ben Bréant

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Ben is quite a French cliché. By that I don't mean he cooks well, I'm just saying he was decapitated during the glorious MCR revolution, and often wears a scarf. He happens to study sleep, and his notoriously random haircut implies his work is more practical than theoretical.

 Teddy Smith

Vice President

Teddy is in his first year of a DPhil in Organic Chemistry, refusing to leave Pembroke after a 4-year undergraduate course here. He is passionate about rowing at Pembroke, having served for two years as president of PCBC as an undergraduate.

Cat Ashworth


Catherine has been at Pembroke as an undergrad doing a Masters in Physics and Philosophy and has loved it so much she's staying on for a BPhil focusing on Philosophy of Physics. She's a member of the Gilbert and Sullivan society, performing in Pirates of Penzance and a Covid-postponed Gondoliers. She's sung with Pembroke Chapel Choir and enjoys books and baking in her mythical free time.

Reginald VI


Reginald is the Giraffe in charge of sending the weekly notices and keeping minutes during the many meetings the committee has. There are many questions regarding his education or how he manages with the workload. When asked, he usually respond by making giraffe sound while running to his nearest feeding station

 Nathan O'Gara

Social Sec & LGBTQ+ Rep

Nathan is an MSc Criminology & Criminal Justice student and the MCR’s premier alt bae. They enjoy overindulging, oil painting, and speaking like an NPC from an Elder Scrolls game. Dislikes include: people mistaking their Irish accent for an American one, being temporarily banned from Eduroam.

 David Beers

Social Secretary

David is a fourth year DPhil student in mathematics studying geometric data. When he is not working he enjoys listening to music, going on walks, playing his guitar, and of course playing Mario Kart in the MCR.

Yaseen Christian Andrewsen

in Chicago backpack.jpg
Access Officer

Yaseen is a second-year DPhil candidate in the faculty of Theology and Religion focused on Islamic intellectual history in West Africa. He enjoys reading, pottery, and football – playing or watching. He can be a bit reserved but if you find a topic in which he’s deeply interested, you’ll be desperately looking for the escape route to make him shut up. Please do share your own interests too, as he likes to learn from others.

Sam Ponting

Welfare Officer & Web Rep

Sam is a second-year DPhil student in Experimental Psychology looking at the relationship between environmental lighting and sleep. When not carrying out his research (sleeping), he enjoys music, cooking and rowing.

Seda Ozturk

Welfare Officer & Family Rep

Seda is a first-year DPhil Oriental Studies student specialising in theoretical morphosyntax. While she is a linguist, she does not speak 'many' languages. She loves reading for pleasure, walking in the meadows, and visiting random cities in Southeast England. She is known to attend most college events. 

 Nik Baya

Sports Rep

Nik is a third year DPhil student trying to understand the genetic basis for phenotypic outliers. As part of his research he has very sneakily infiltrated the Pembroke College Boat Club to discover the secret to great height and big muscles. When he's not debugging his code or rowing he likes to fall asleep while reading a good (but evidently not great) book.

 Emily Cresswell

Environment Rep

Emily is a second year PhD student, who is intercalating a PhD into her medical degree because apparently 6 years of medicine isn’t long enough. When not working, you’ll probably find Emily climbing, running or hiking.

 Rohan Watt

Development Rep

Rohan is a place in Middle Earth. It’s also the name of a real human Australian at Pembroke. You’ll often find him in the Wood Room complaining about how cold England is and how Vegemite is better than Marmite (it is). He’s a reformed lawyer reading the DPhil in International Relations – but don’t worry, he can be good company too.

Juliana Pars

Disabilities Rep

Jules is a fledgling Armenologist with a focus on art and the philosophy/psychology of diasporic identity. She likes equality, dogs, disco, and the oxford comma. She dislikes writing about herself in the third person.

Connor Bernard

Picture 1.png
General Rep

Connor is a fourth year DPhil student in the Department of Biology, which means he remembers the halcyon days when his Department was called Zoology – and has feelings about that. Connor is an American in recovery, a mediocre trail runner, and enjoys the small things in life.

Jose Nino Barreat

Bar Manager

Jose's bio hasn't left a trace.