Kathryn spends her life haunted by the Village People, in that her research focuses on the YMCA and their work in the First World War. Outside of work she really enjoys sports, namely running, cycling and rowing, as well as the MCR’s official sport of Mario Kart. Her proudest Pembroke achievement is throwing the 2019 Hallowe’en Bop, a party so good we worried for the structural stability of the common room floor.


Vice President

Ben is quite a French cliché. By that I don't mean he cooks well, I'm just saying he was decapitated during the glorious MCR revolution, and often wears a scarf. He happens to study sleep, and his notoriously random haircut implies his work is more practical than theoretical.



When she’s not busy keeping the MCR’s finances in check, you can find Allie in her lab, happily tinkering with some optical system or display while blasting Disney sing-alongs or The Beatles through her headphones, as she attempts to unravel the mysteries of human colour vision.



Rohan is a place in Middle Earth. It’s also the name of a real human Australian at Pembroke. You’ll often find him in the Wood Room complaining about how cold England is and how Vegemite is better than Marmite (it is). He’s a reformed lawyer reading the MPhil in International Relations – but don’t worry, he can be good company too. You might get emails from Reginald - that's actually the Secretary's Secretary, and he sends out the notices for me. And he's actually a giraffe.


Welfare Officer

Heather's bio's located outside of this realm of existence.


Academic Rep

Klaudia is a third year DPhil at the Department of Politics and International Relations. Her research looks at the politics of enfranchisement. She’s always happy to talk about a good fiction book, the best study spots across Oxford, and walks around the Cotswolds.


Access Rep

Rumour has it Ella’s been at Pembroke long enough to have personally met the Earl. Alongside her history DPhil, she also enjoys deconstructing rap lyrics, dancing to sea shanties, and talking about the Duchess of Sussex to anyone who’ll listen.



Caolan (MPhil Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics) splits his time between ordering too much takeaway food, not writing his thesis, and explaining what ‘philology’ means. Likes: compilation videos of cute pigs. Dislikes: writing about himself in the third person.


Women's Rep

Helena is a Venezuelan-Belgian-American, who when she’s not puzzling over her identity, is in Oxford trying to get cannulas into your veins (reading graduate-entry medicine). In her spare time she enjoys latin dancing, feminist podcasts, and trashy fantasy novels. She’s rebelled against the oxfordian student go to mode of transport (a bike), so you can usually find her speed walking across Oxford trying to get to places barely on time. 


Environmental Rep

Sid is the environmental rep of the MCR. The rest? It's top secret.


General Rep

Sam first came to Oxford as an undergraduate and was immediately struck by its unique atmosphere. He has become particularly fond of Pembroke, its buildings, its people, and its cosy MCR. He is working on a DPhil in English.


Bar Manager

Scott hasn't disclosed any information about himself yet.


Bar Manager

While Hannah may try to convince you that she is from Yorkshire, do not be fooled: she’s actually an Essex girl. After being chased out of Durham with pitchforks, Hannah ended up at Oxford to obtain a DPhil in Reading Books. However, instead of reading any books, she spends her time mixing cocktails as bar manager and realising her election promise to seize the means of production. She can often be found hoarding drinks tokens from her friends, being branded a “terrorist” by commenters on the Daily Mail, and aggressively making her way through the line at McCoy’s for chicken nuggets at 1am. And a warning to all: nobody has taken Hannah up on her midnight tequila shots and not regretted it the next day.


Web Wizard

Mira tries to juggle never leaving the labs in the Psychology department with her actual PhD dissertation on compiling the unofficial ranking of best bubble tea in Oxford. She is mildly obsessed with plants and long walks just about anywhere.