Hannah is a third year DPhil student sometimes reading Italian and English Literature but more often hanging out in the MCR. Her favourite things include Yorkshire, pasta, and the discography of Taylor Swift.

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Vice President

Ben is quite a French cliché. By that I don't mean he cooks well, I'm just saying he was decapitated during the glorious MCR revolution, and often wears a scarf. He happens to study sleep, and his notoriously random haircut implies his work is more practical than theoretical.




When she’s not busy keeping the MCR’s finances in check, you can find Allie in her lab, happily tinkering with some optical system or display while blasting Disney sing-alongs or The Beatles through her headphones, as she attempts to unravel the mysteries of human colour vision.




Cillian, better known as C-man, lover of ‘tatoes, kill dawg to others, bacteria boy to all 😎 He means no harm, it’s just his Irish charm. Despite his fish out of water attitude in this foreign English lands, he is by no means a fan of the Irish goodbye, always up for a drink at barnight, chocolate at second dessert or copious amounts of treats at brunches. His studies as a biochemist are mainly focused on the production of the finest of Irish ales, as a side project he is trying to cure diseases and stuff.




Rohan is a place in Middle Earth. It’s also the name of a real human Australian at Pembroke. You’ll often find him in the Wood Room complaining about how cold England is and how Vegemite is better than Marmite (it is). He’s a reformed lawyer reading the MPhil in International Relations – but don’t worry, he can be good company too. You might get emails from Reginald - that's actually the Secretary's Secretary, and he sends out the notices for me. And he's actually a giraffe.

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Social Secretary

Rosella hasn't disclosed any information about herself yet.



Welfare Officer

Shiwen (she/her) is a first year DPhil at the Department of Experimental Psychology, she’s mostly busy growing plants and trying to convince College to adopt a cat.



Welfare Officer

Sara is a fourth year undergrad studying French and Arabic. She splits her time between being told how ’niche’ her degree is, not writing her diss and having a zoom natter over a good cup of coffee. Outside of her degree Sara can be found in uni parks, in the meadows or completing a nice walk along the canal. 



Academic Rep

Tessa is from New Zealand and secretly (or maybe not so secretly) aspires to be the next Jacinda Ardern. Outside of studying Public Policy, she thoroughly enjoys sampling the extensive selection of biscuits that England has to offer. So far, her favourites are milk chocolate McVities, with hobnobs coming in at a close second. 



Access Rep

Kathryn spends her life haunted by the Village People, in that her research focuses on the YMCA and their work in the First World War. Outside of work she really enjoys sports, namely running, cycling and rowing, as well as the MCR’s official sport of Mario Kart. Her proudest Pembroke achievement is throwing the 2019 Hallowe’en Bop, a party so good we worried for the structural stability of the common room floor.




Originally from Lahore, Pakistan, Waleed spends his time in Pembroke listening to old Pakistani songs, watching cheesy Bollywood movies and ranting about South Asian politics (consequently that is also what he is studying). When he isn’t being a total Desi abroad, you can find him watching Premier League games in the MCR or pretending to work in cafes around Oxford.  

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Disabilities Rep

Juliana's bio is located outside of this realm of existence.

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Hannah Kentridge (she/her) is a lesbian from Durham doing an MPhil in Japanese Studies. Pembroke tried to get rid of her after her undergrad degree, but they only managed to keep her away for a year and now she’s crept back again. She’s even decided to be the MCR LGBTQ+ rep after she already had a go at being the LGBTQ+ rep for the JCR. What a nuisance.



Women's Rep

Helena is a Venezuelan-Belgian-American, who when she’s not puzzling over her identity, is in Oxford trying to get cannulas into your veins (reading graduate-entry medicine). In her spare time she enjoys latin dancing, feminist podcasts, and trashy fantasy novels. She’s rebelled against the oxfordian student go to mode of transport (a bike), so you can usually find her speed walking across Oxford trying to get to places barely on time. 



Environmental Rep

Sid is the environmental rep of the MCR. The rest? It's top secret.



General Rep

As a military historian, Louis has long harboured ambitions to become a General Rep, and was very much looking forward to bossing around mere Sergeant Reps and Lieutenant-Colonel Reps. He has since learned that his duties mainly consist of emptying the dishwasher and taking occasional minutes, but he's trying to be philosophical about his disappointment.



General Rep

Constantinople was once known by the name Byzantium and is now called Istanbul. Maybe it was also called Alexandria. Constantin is not named after this city. Constantin is a rock. A rock who likes cheese. When he’s not busy rowing boats at ungodly hours of the morning with the illustrious M3 at our illustrious college, he works at the junction of biology and computing (which is obviously the best junction). Cheese still remains his greatest passion. You can recognise him by his shirts with sailing boats, fashionably buttoned to the top, by the cheese platter he carries with him at all times and, in the club, by his sick moves.



General Rep

Heather's bio? Not sure where it went...



Web Wizard

As a lover of all things to do with numbers and programming, Mira (she/her) is responsible for the MCR website. You can usually find her in the labs of the Psychology department trying to figure out how people make decisions. Mira has previously assumed various other identities in the MCR committee, including social sec and communications rep, and is always up for a chat, a (long) walk or grabbing some bubble tea.