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Cat Ashworth


Catherine has been at Pembroke as an undergrad doing a Masters in Physics and Philosophy and has loved it so much she's staying on for a BPhil focusing on Philosophy of Physics. She's a member of the Gilbert and Sullivan society, performing in Pirates of Penzance and a Covid-postponed Gondoliers. She's sung with Pembroke Chapel Choir and enjoys books and baking in her mythical free time.


 Nathan O'Gara

Vice President

Nathan is an MSc Criminology & Criminal Justice student and the MCR’s premier alt bae. They enjoy overindulging, oil painting, and speaking like an NPC from an Elder Scrolls game. Dislikes include: people mistaking their Irish accent for an American one, being temporarily banned from Eduroam.


Theo Naylor


Theo is a dedicated gamer and can often be found in the blue room “smashing noobs” at Mario Kart. Although he’s studying for an MSt in Practical Ethics, his tactics on Rainbow Road are anything but ethical, so be wary. Theo’s always eager for a race or a chat about any area of philosophy!


Sam Ponting


Sam is a third-year DPhil student in Experimental Psychology looking at the relationship between environmental lighting and sleep. When not carrying out his research (sleeping), he enjoys music, cooking and rowing.


 Isabela Karibjanian

Social Secretary

Isabela is a Florida retiree attending Oxford on a full-ride wine-tasting scholarship. As a true polymath, Isabela's talents include: a mastery of the kazoo, ice skating away from her problems whilst playing the flute, and misremembering any quote from season 2 of Seinfeld. Infamously, Isabela remains an integral part of the "cement-BOP" faction of the MCR committee.


 Jaś Luboinski

Social Secretary

Jaś is a master dumpling chef, aspiring warlock, and amateur jaw harp player. He fled conscription from an unnamed country with the goals of improving British vodka culture and teaching the Pembroke MCR how to ice skate. Ask him about his microbiome (research) or his fear of mannequins.

Complete Giraffe Puzzle 2

 Magnus Eldrup

Social Secretary

An enigma and a mystery.


 Adam Sparkes

Domestic Rep

An enigmatic mystery.


 Clara Kretschmer

Welfare Officer

Clara is an MSc student in Psychological Research, so prepare to be diagnosed and therapized whilst talking to her. When she’s not working, she enjoys rowing and is passionate about music - in fact, Clara is a talented pianist and can even play backwards!


 Seda Ozturk

Permanent Welfare Officer

Seda is a second-year DPhil student specialising in morphosyntax and argument structure alternations. Because of her supervisor, she is based in the Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Faculty rather than the Linguistics one! Though she spent all the Michaelmas to finish writing her Transfer paper, she likes travelling, having long walks, and reading. She is the first "Permanent Welfare Officer" of the MCR. Having just finished her training, she is now a full peer-supporter which means someone to talk to (confidentially, of course) when/if needed- just saying!


 Emily Cresswell

Environmental Officer

Emily is a third year PhD student, who is intercalating a PhD into her medical degree because apparently 6 years of medicine isn’t long enough. When not working, you’ll probably find Emily climbing, running or hiking.

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Yaseen Christian Andrewsen

Access Officer

Yaseen is a third-year DPhil candidate in the faculty of Theology and Religion focused on Islamic intellectual history in West Africa. He enjoys reading, pottery, and football – playing or watching. He can be a bit reserved but if you find a topic in which he’s deeply interested, you’ll be desperately looking for the escape route to make him shut up. Please do share your own interests too, as he likes to learn from others.

Pembroke_College_by_Ian_Wallman_1Z9A7775 (1).jpg

 Ben Bréant

Academic Officer

Ben is quite a French cliché. By that I don't mean he cooks well, I'm just saying he was decapitated during the glorious MCR revolution, and often wears a scarf. He happens to study sleep, and his notoriously random haircut implies his work is more practical than theoretical.


Juliana Pars

Disabilities Officer

Jules is a fledgling Armenologist with a focus on art and the philosophy/psychology of diasporic identity. She likes equality, dogs, disco, and the oxford comma. She dislikes writing about herself in the third person.


 Carina Uchida

LGBTQ+ Officer

Carina Uchida is a first-year international relations DPhil student. Hailing from both Brazil and Japan, if their CV doesn’t impress you- stints at Harvard and with the Brazilian government- her newly found ceramics skills are sure to win you over. Famed in Milan for consuming their body weight in pasta, on a quiet day you can find them in Botley with her cat.


 Steph Webb

Womxn's Officer

Steph Webb is a first year graduate medicine student from Crowle, UK at Pembroke College. They are pursuing to be a doctor even though they’re already one (the PhD kind). When not climbing and enjoying second dessert, you can find her relaxing at one of the heavily coveted rooms in the Old Quad, where they live with their partner and taco press.


Matt Budd

Web Wizard

Matthew usually works with robots so a website that can't run away is a breeze for this Web Wizard. He is a 3rd year DPhil at the Robotics Institute. When not playing fetch with robot dogs in abandoned nuclear bunkers, he has been known to dabble in climbing, rowing and DIY.

Picture 1.png

Connor Bernard

General Rep

Connor is a fourth year DPhil student in the Department of Biology, which means he remembers the halcyon days when his Department was called Zoology – and has feelings about that. Connor is an American in recovery, a mediocre trail runner, and enjoys the small things in life.


Moon Han

General Rep

Moon has had quite the academic tour of Europe, having studied in both France and Germany before settling here in Oxford, which no doubt explains his aversion to British cuisine. Although Moon’s reading Financial Economics, his true passions are Philosophy, Cigars&Pipes and Operas (He’s Wagnerian. Yeah, I know). So if anyone wants to grab a cigar and talk about opera, like in the good ol’ days, he is definitely the one to go to.


Irene Zeitler

General Rep

Irene is a third year DPhil student in Biochemistry, looking at how gene expression changes in response to cold shock. Ironically, cold shock of the whole body is probably what she experiences on 6am rowing outings, but she’s adamant that watching the sunrise over Port Meadow makes it all worthwhile. That being said, boardgames is probably still her greatest passion with an enormous collection can rival Thirsty Meeples at this point!


 David Beers

Biscuit Rep

David is a fourth year DPhil student in mathematics studying geometric data. When he is not working he enjoys listening to music, going on walks, playing his guitar, and of course playing Mario Kart in the MCR.


 Rohan Watt

Development Rep

Rohan is a place in Middle Earth. It’s also the name of a real human Australian at Pembroke. You’ll often find him in the Wood Room complaining about how cold England is and how Vegemite is better than Marmite (it is). He’s a reformed lawyer reading the DPhil in International Relations – but don’t worry, he can be good company too.

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Juliana Choi

Bar Manager

Juliana's bio hasn't left a trace.


Jose Nino Barreat

Bar Manager

Jose's bio hasn't left a trace.

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