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Seda Öztürk


Seda is a third-year DPhil student at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies who was born and raised in the delightful city of Istanbul. While trying to get on with her thesis and showcasing her research, she felt courageous enough to be the MCR President after serving the MCR community in various roles over the years. She loves walking, reading, and capturing moments to share on her Instagram account

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Theo Naylor

Vice President and Year-Long Welfare Rep

Theo can often be found in the blue room “smashing noobs” at Mario Kart. His undergraduate was in Philosophy and Psychology, and although his research is now primarily within bioethics and moral theory, his tactics on Rainbow Road are anything but ethical. Theo’s always eager for a race or a chat about any area of philosophy!


Amy Bateman


Amy is in her final year studying Law at Pembroke, after completing a BA in History at the Other Place. She can often be found at the top of a mountain, knitting, or drinking too much coffee (frequently simultaneously). Talk to her about speculative fiction or craft cocktails!

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Adam Sparkes

Treasurer and Development Rep

Adam’s from Guernsey and will likely mention it several times if you engage him in conversation (he’s also the MCR President but that’s of secondary importance here). When not ranting about tax evasion or Prêt subscriptions, he can be found in the MCR channeling his alter ego as Luigi on Mariokart or participating in a Ceilidh.

IMG_5946 - Hümeyra Biricik.HEIC

Humeyra Biricik

Academic Rep

Humeyra is a second year DPhil student in politics focusing on political speech and gender dynamics in Turkey. (Do not ask her about her research unless you are ready to get stuck in a 15 minute conversation.) When she's not doing her research or teaching, she enjoys going to conferences, travelling across the country and taking care of her little dog who is the centre of her universe. (Do ask her about the dog -- it will take another 15 minutes but you will see a lot of amazing dog photos.)

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Kacper Swierk

Social Secretary

Kacper is a 4th year biologist in Pembroke. His special talents include: wild mushroom foraging (it will be a BOP theme), navigating public transport during holidays with friends (it will be a BOP theme) and being unwillingly pulled to live in GAB for the last 3 years (will it be a BOP theme?)


Maria Niebla

Social Secretary

Maria is an expert on ice cream flavours, animal fun facts and life hacks. She's known in Oxford Physics as "the space lady", although she's doing an MSc in Energy Systems. When not working on her research, she's most likely talking about random book ideas to anyone unlucky enough to be near her, happy-painting or telling people why Mexico has the best food. She loves bees so much she has two tattooed and has managed to get an insect theme BOP booked to dress as one!

IMG_1871 - A Welch.jpeg

Alex Welch

Food Rep

Pembroke is celebrating its 400th anniversary and Alex has been here almost as long; previously an undergrad here, Alex is a Pembroke loyalist and a regular at the MCR. Now in his second year of a Biochemistry DPhil, Alex is researching mRNA vaccines and has a *completely* unrelated side project working on microchip-enabled mind control. If you have a few hours to spare, ask Alex about music (from classical to hard rock) or tennis. Don’t ask about his stay in the Travelodge.


Faye Thijssen

Welfare Rep

Faye is a first year MPhil student in politics researching the impact of corporate influence in environmental politics. Aside from her studies, she enjoys spending an ill-advised amount of time on Spotify and attempting to convince neighborhood cats to follow her home (with moderate success).


Ruth Arnold

Welfare Rep

When Ruth is not busy doing her master's in Biology or galivanting around the world on 'conservation internships', she enjoys annoying her husband, Nathan, and training for her 2024 Mud Run. She is passionate about coffee and helping people. 

Picture_Prakriti Chopra - Prakriti Chopra.heic

Prakriti Chopra

Access Rep

When Prakriti is not doing an MPhil. in Development Studies (and it is not doing her back and then some!), she can be found fulfilling her responsibilities 1) as a dog mother and 2) of ensuring that Rafi is functional enough to be your Welfare Representative.

E61184BA-24CE-4EF0-B456-CDC4E8A33B6C - soyoung Woo.jpeg

Soyoung Woo

Disabilities Rep

Soyoung is a third year DPhil student in Experimental Psychology. Research interests include adviser confidence, trust in advisers and influencer marketing (happy to discuss in detail).
Likes: museums/galleries, travelling, classical & techno music
Dislikes: Birds (has ornithophobia)

IMG_3919 - Honoka Ishigami.heic

Honoka Ishigami

RDE Rep and General Rep

Honoka is THE Grape enthusiast and a professional dishwasher operator of the MCR. Aside from pursuing the quality of MCR life, she also pursues her interests as a second-year MPhil student in Islamic Studies and History. She is always hungry for fun trivia in every field, so please share yours!

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Rafi Ahmed


Three fun facts: I have the largest hands and fingers at Oxford, I need welfare myself actually and I fear my co-welfare rep will murder me someday.

20230720_183415[1] - Martina BORTOLAN.jpg

Martina Bortolan

Environmental Rep

Martina is a current MPhil student in Development Studies, and has a background in Archaeology and Anthropology. Ask her about eco-friendly Aztec cities at your own risk. When not working, she enjoys painting, going on Wikipedia rabbit holes, and listening to random video essays longer than the average life expectancy.


Ellie Naraidoo

Web Witch

Ellie would love to tell you how concrete is magic, but spends most of her time trying to hide the fact that she's a massive nerd. Aside from keeping up appearences, she will be either spinning, swimming, running, or earning back the calories at second dessert.

sports rep - Edmund Ryan.jpg

Edmund Ryan

Sports Rep

Edmund is a Japanese Studies student and winner of the hotly-contested election for MCR Sports Rep. He plans to use his position to siphon off funds from the over-powerful boat club into a set of platinum croquet mallets and to copyright the idea for contact tiddlywinks.


Helen Murphy

Women's Rep

Helen is the brand new MCR women’s rep and is in her first year as an MPhil student in Economic and Social History. Having grown up on the mean streets of Cambridge, she’s dropped her previous allegiances and darkened her favourite shade of blue (for the most part).


Ellie Debs

General Rep

Ellie prefers biscuit ‘dictator’ to ‘representative’, and is reading for an MSt in Late Antique and Byzantine studies. She can often be found in the MCR, eating party rings and complaining about QGIS despite the fact that she doesn’t need it for her degree.

received_617382579883564 - Patryk Imielski.jpeg

Patryk Imielski

Bar Manager

Patryk has a sole vocation: making “early medievalists” understand that their historical period is the worst. They just stole all the cool stuff from Late Antiquity to make up for their lack of historical relevance. Imagine studying the “Dark Ages”, said no one ever.

FE23B38E-AD87-48EF-8BC4-F3670EFFF500 - Daniel Speight.jpeg

Dan Speight

Bar Manager

When he’s not spending his time blissfully in the Weston with Anglo-Saxon texts, Dan concerts his efforts into combatting the overinflated egos of scholars of Late Antiquity. The inferior quality of their manuscripts (papyrus? In scrolls??) along with the *totally* irrelevant languages scrawled upon them (Syriac? 🤢) should, frankly, speak for themselves.

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