Pembroke College MCR, Oxford

Committee Members

The Middle Common Room Committee is formed in two elections, one in Michaelmas Term, and another in Trinity. The names of past committee members are commemorated on our Wall o’ History.

The current committee consists of:

MCR Commitee MemberDaniela Massiceti President

D-money or Daniela Ca$h-a-cheti hails from the mysterious land of South Africa, where the sun shines and the crime is not so bad. After two years as MCR Treasurer and with a presidential campaign slogan of “You trusted me with the money. Now trust me with the power. What could possibly go wrong? –  said every South African presidential candidate ever”, she was immediately elected as MCR President. Having successfully introduced Gin and Lemon Bitters as a drink at Bar Nights, her life ambitions have progressed and now stand at “single-handedly making Aperol Spritz the drink of choice at Bar Nights”. Orange is the New President, olé!

MCR Commitee MemberOlivia Durand Vice President / Treasurer

Olivia is Pembroke’s Queen Brie. Hailing from Aix-en-Provence, she knows a thing or two about la gastronomie (italics if possible, please!) and she can definitely tell red wine from white. Her love for Monopoly makes her the ideal person to be handling the cash as our Treasurer. Global historian by day and photographer extraordinaire by night, you’ll soon learn that Olivia’s wonderfully ubiquitous presence can be felt all around college. In fact, she’s probably behind you right now.

MCR Commitee MemberReginald II Secretary

When he’s not relaxing on the savannah listening to Vapourwave and cultivating fresh new emoticons, Reggie can be found engaged in his customary secretarial duties—sending out weekly notices which are barely distinguishable from spam.

MCR Commitee MemberMaximilian Jost Social Secretary

There is an idea of stern Max, some kind of austere abstraction, but there is no serious Max, only a German entity, something continental and illusory. And though he can hide the fact that he always makes time for Bar Night on Friday and will attempt to not go out if you ask him and will pretend like the port and chocolate has run out on Sundays: he simply can’t say no to a bit of fun.

MCR Commitee MemberTsvetomira Dumbalska Social Secretary

Mira has spent the last year training dragons (and the occasional goose) to make optimal decisions in the backyard of the GAB. Aside from doing her DPhil work, she can often be found sniffing flowers around town or attempting to drink the volume of the Atlantic in bubble tea. In her spare time during the warmer months, she is mapping out the Isis one punting adventure at a time.

MCR Commitee MemberHubiba Mir Social Secretary

I am an MPhil candidate for Development studies, am a Kashmiri (the Indian occupied part), I like to read, run and spend my time outside. I was not an active member of the MCR last year and am hoping this post will give me a chance to be more involved in the committee. Don’t drink but has been fun organising events involving alcohol for others!

MCR Commitee MemberHelena Gilchrist Social Secretary

Having been at Oxford for the last 4years, you could be forgiven for thinking that Helena knows the ropes. In fact, she spends her life almost permanently confused, wandering around uni parks trying to relive her biology undergrad, and trying to remember the names of the students she teaches studying for her pgce.

MCR Commitee MemberLindsey Cohick Social Secretary

Lindsey is a superhero from New Jersey, USA, whose alter-ego is a mild-mannered student of International Relations. Her superpower is to detect every dog within a twenty-mile radius, and her mission is to pet them all. When she’s not saving the world, she likes to read about pirates. As social secretary, her goal is to get everyone to commit to bop themes.

MCR Commitee MemberJoshua Harvey Welfare Rep

Joshua is from a town called Ware, the birthplace of bad puns. Seemingly unable to leave Oxford, after 6 years he has nearly completed his research: to taste and definitively rank all the falafel the city has to offer. When the pressures of work get too much, he can be found relaxing in the Engineering and Psychology departments.

MCR Commitee Member Elisabeth Smith-Rosser Welfare Rep

Bio forthcoming.

MCR Commitee MemberZana Chaka Welfare Rep

Zana was born to be part of the welfare team, since her laughter possesses the magical virtue of making everybody instantly happy and worriless! An active member of the MCR even when not on a committee, she is the familiar face that will make you feel at home at Pembroke – whether at bar night or during tea & cakes. Speaking of which, beyond her linguistic skills allowing her to do a Dphil in European modern literature, she is also an amazing baker and will sweeten our welfare events with some home made vegan delicacies!

MCR Commitee MemberMalte Kaller Bar Manager/Sports Rep

Malte came into this world when a young Etlam Rellak spent way too long staring into his bedroom mirror. Malte has since faced many challenges, due to a spelling error, his initial peer supporter training consisted of standing in the water and holding up a platform down at the docks. After achieving his dream of winning gold in the world cake curling championships Malte was headhunted for the role of sports rep.

MCR Commitee MemberSimon Calver Bar Manager

Simon is not actually a person but rather the conglomeration of every internet cat celebrity, all writhing around under human clothes. Casting off their feline fame just to bring us bar nights and brunches, it is this warmth, cheerfulness, and ability to disseminate into literally hundreds of kittens that makes Simon the ideal man to handle your drinks.

MCR Commitee MemberAugustus Porter Environmental Rep

Winner of the Pembroke College Good Steez Award 2017 for Best Shoes and incumbent Environmental Secretary, Augustus “Gus” Porter is the resident “Daddy Cool” of college and a heartthrob to mums everywhere. Gus’s acquisition of an allotment will ensure that Pembroke is always well-stocked with wonky veg and his commitment to all things environmental was recently highlighted when he was overheard asking someone “What’s a marrow?”

MCR Commitee MemberCarlotta Cosulich Academic Rep

Hey everybody, this is CCC! I am a first year DPhil student in Molecular medicine at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology. I enjoy my experiments as well as chatting with my fun lab-colleagues. But to be honest with all of you my real lovers are yoga and wine ! As the MCR Academic Rep, I’d like to very welcome you to Pembroke. I’m looking forward to meeting you in the coming Michaelmas term!

MCR Commitee MemberLouis Nicholson General Rep

Bio forthcoming

MCR Commitee MemberHeather Wilson MCR Cool Aunt

Heather is actually a children’s book character that was wished to life by a small child hoping to fulfil their dream. Heather is currently researching how to construct a shark helicopter in order to make these dreams come true.

MCR Commitee MemberJojo Rahamim Web Tsar

Jojo said that he would like to be IT rep “about as much as he’d like to watch every episode of Love Island” but unfortunately no-one got the joke.