Pembroke College MCR, Oxford

Committee Members

The Middle Common Room Committee is formed in two elections, one in Michaelmas Term, and another in Trinity. The names of past committee members are commemorated on our Wall o’ History.

The current committee consists of:

MCR Commitee MemberYannick Lambert President

‘Yannick ‘Monsieur Lambert’ Lambert hails from the vast forests and steep hills of Lucilinburhuc. He spends most of his his time deciphering South Asian scripts, dusty manuscripts and immerses himself in ancient lore. He also has a predilection for hiking around Oxford. When he doesn’t do that, he can most likely be found in one of the numerous beer vaults of Oxford enjoying a glass of red wine or a pint of ale. Committed bonvivant, he’ll make sure to make Pembroke as sociable and welcoming as possible.’

MCR Commitee MemberDaniela Massiceti Vice President / Treasurer

D-money or Daniela Ca$h-a-sheti hails from the mysterious land of South Africa, where the sun shines and the crime is not so bad. With a campaign slogan of M.I.A’s “All I wanna do is bang bang bang bang ka-ching take your monaaay” she was immediately elected MCR treasurer. Her only life ambition is to “single-handedly introduce Gin and Lemon Bitters as a drink at Bar Nights”.

MCR Commitee MemberMaximilian Jost Social Secretary

There is an idea of stern Max, some kind of austere abstraction, but there is no serious Max, only a German entity, something continental and illusory. And though he can hide the fact that he always makes time for Bar Night on Friday and will attempt to not go out if you ask him and will pretend like the port and chocolate has run out on Sundays: he simply can’t say no to a bit of fun.

MCR Commitee MemberSooyun Chai Social Secretary

Bio forthcoming.

MCR Commitee MemberJames Graham Social Secretary

Bio forthcoming.

MCR Commitee MemberSamira Lindstedt Welfare Rep

Bio forthcoming.

MCR Commitee MemberJoshua Harvey Welfare Rep

Joshua is from a town called Ware, the birthplace of bad puns. Seemingly unable to leave Oxford, after 6 years he has nearly completed his research: to taste and definitively rank all the falafel the city has to offer. When the pressures of work get too much, he can be found relaxing in the Engineering and Psychology departments.

MCR Commitee Member Elisabeth Smith-Rosser Welfare Rep

Bio forthcoming.

MCR Commitee MemberMalte Kaller Bar Manager/Sports Rep

Malte came into this world when a young Etlam Rellak spent way too long staring into his bedroom mirror. Malte has since faced many challenges, due to a spelling error, his initial peer supporter training consisted of standing in the water and holding up a platform down at the docks. After achieving his dream of winning gold in the world cake curling championships Malte was headhunted for the role of sports rep.

MCR Commitee MemberSimon Calver Bar Manager

Simon is not actually a person but rather the conglomeration of every internet cat celebrity, all writhing around under human clothes. Casting off their feline fame just to bring us bar nights and brunches, it is this warmth, cheerfulness, and ability to disseminate into literally hundreds of kittens that makes Simon the ideal man to handle your drinks.

MCR Commitee MemberJames Tan Academic Rep

“Pembroke till I die” – James’ first words (1992). James studies financial economics at the business school, which is in fact part of the university. He believes that three lefts make a right, and so resists taking directions. Through his running of the college mentoring scheme, James is teaching a whole generation to only write essays when listening to Flo Rida, and that nodding is a good strategy when pretending to know what’s happening.

MCR Commitee MemberWill Brockbank Environmental Rep

Count Wilhelm von Brocklebonk (we just call him Will) is a scrupulous scholar who spends his time translating The Lord of the Rings into dead languages that no-one has spoken for the past 800 years or so (his Old Tralfamadorian work was his best). As being the Tolkien Rep would clearly not have been a viable position on a committee which evidently takes itself very seriously, he instead settled for Environmental Rep. When he is not surreptitiously planting copies of Tolkien’s works in various sections of the college library, he also likes to get in touch with Mother Nature by practising Gardnerian witchcraft on the lawn of Chapel Quad.

MCR Commitee MemberChristine Gallagher Access Rep

Christine is Australian and following in the tradition of former Prime Minister Bob Hawke during his time in Oxford she can drink a yard glass in under 12 seconds. She was recruited to the MCR committee under the guise of Access rep as our secret weapon in exchange boat races.

MCR Commitee MemberWilliam Fawcett Chief Whip

Will accidentally gained magical powers when he confirmed that dark matter is, in fact, delicious. When he is not banishing overzealous port drinkers into the eternal void, he practices the dark science of particle physics with his friend SUSY, who may or may not exist.

MCR Commitee MemberOlivia Durand General Rep

Bio forthcoming.

MCR Commitee MemberIsabel Wilkinson General Rep

Isabel is a chemist working on synthesis of new drugs. Fortunately she hasn’t yet been diagnosed with lung cancer so the underground MCR meth lab has been left undisturbed. She is however boundlessly enthusiastic for tea, chocolate, booze and bops, making her a fitting addition to the new MCR.

MCR Commitee MemberJojo Rahamim Web Tsar

Jojo said that he would like to be IT rep “about as much as he’d like to watch every episode of Real Housewives” but unfortunately no-one got the joke.